The Donation Hub

About The Donation Hub

Photo of the donation hub cabin and flags from the outside.

The Donation Hub offers an effective platform for individuals to contribute a variety of items, such as clothing, handbags, shoes, and more. We collect on behalf of the charity Action for Children to facilitate the collection of items on their behalf, thereby aiding in raising crucial funds. 

They receive a minimum payment of £500 each month based on the collective weight of donations, with an addition of £100 per tonne.

The Donation Hub has a wonderful staff member on-site during opening hours. Our staff are happy to answer questions you may have!

We ensure that all donated items are appropriately re-homed, avoiding any items being abandoned outdoors or sent to landfills. Donations dropped off will make a huge difference for somebody else in need. Also, for our incredible partnered charity Action for Children. 

Send us an email or give us a phone call if you have questions we can help you with.

Where do my items end up?   

If you drop off your donations at The Donation Hub, this is what happens after! 

We will bag and box up the items at The Donation Hub to prepare them for transportation to our warehouse. At the warehouse, our team will diligently unpack and sort the items into specific categories such as clothes, shoes, handbags, cutlery, crockery, pots & pans, small electrical items, toys, and Bric a Brac. Once sorted, we will safely pack them for transportation to their next destination. Each item will then be rehomed and used for its original purpose in its new home. This process, while extensive, results in fewer miles travelled compared to manufacturing new items, which involves transporting raw materials to factories and then delivering finished products to consumers.

Shipping charity donations around the world