The Donation Hub

Proudly Supporting Action For Children

Action for Children is a charitable organisation (Charity Number: 1097940/SC038092) in the United Kingdom, that dedicates its efforts to the welfare of vulnerable children and families. Since its inception in 1869, this institution has a storied history of delivering an extensive array of services aimed at enhancing the lives of children and young individuals facing an array of challenges. The donation hub is proud to support Action for Children with our new charity drop-off in Didcot.

They operate in close conjunction with local authorities, communities, and other collaborative partners, combining their efforts to provide essential services and advocate steadfastly for the well-being of children and families. At the core of their existence lies a compelling vision, one that envisions a world where every child and young person experiences the joys of a secure and contented childhood while possessing the foundational underpinnings to flourish and prosper in life. 

Action for Children’s multifaceted mission comprises several key components. Firstly, they undertake the crucial role of safeguarding and supporting children and young people through the provision of both practical and emotional care and support. Ensuring that the voices of these young individuals are heard, they furnish them with a platform to articulate their needs and concerns. In addition, the organisation actively engages in advocacy efforts aimed at effecting enduring improvements in the lives of children, tirelessly championing the cause for better support and resources. 

Across the UK, Action for Children helped 765,905 children, young people, and families in 2022/23. That is nearly 95,000 more than the previous year. 

Action for Children is not just an organisation; it stands as a formidable force for constructive transformation, steadfastly devoted to shaping a more promising and optimistic world for children and young people, one secure and joyful childhood at a time.


We are delighted to extend our support to Action for Children through The Donation Hub. The funds generated will contribute to sustaining the remarkable efforts of Action for Children in their mission.

To find out more about Action for Children visit their website