The Donation Hub

We’re absolutely delighted to share the exciting news of the grand opening of a brand new charity donation drop-off point!

Our doors are open every day to welcome your generous donations.


The Donation Hub accepts clothes, shoes, bags, and small household items to kitchenware, electricals, bric-a-brac, toys, books, linen, and much more!

We support Action for Children, a distinguished charity organisation in the UK.

Action for Children provides crucial support working  with government agencies, local authorities, and various organisations to offer vital assistance and advocacy to families facing challenging circumstances.

Action for Children positively impacted the lives of 765,905 individuals. Their remarkable work speaks volumes about their commitment to creating brighter futures for those they serve.  Learn more about the incredible work of Action for Children on their website.

Join us in our support of Action for Children by dropping of your wonderful donations.

 Your donations such as clothing, household items, or other goods will help support the work Action for Children provide.

Together, through our collective efforts and generosity, we can make a tangible and enduring difference in the lives of those who need it most. Join us as we embark on this meaningful journey towards building a brighter future for all.