The Donation Hub

Spring Cleaning with Purpose: Donate Clothes to Support Action For Children

As spring approaches, it’s a great time to freshen up your wardrobe and embrace new beginnings. Instead of leaving your old clothes to gather dust, why not donate them to make a difference? 

Clearing out your wardrobe during spring cleaning provides an opportunity for donating to charity and preventing the items from not being worn! Letting go of old clothes that no longer serve you can be liberating. This will allow you to make room for new items, new styles, and clothing you will wear frequently. If you have items you haven’t worn in over a year it’s likely you will never wear them again. Donate and we will give the items the chance to be worn again and go back into circulation.

Where Can I Take My Donations?

Once you have done the incredible task of clearing out your wardrobe and cupboards, you can head to The Donation Hub! Spring Cleaning has never been easier.

To find your nearest location click here.

Keep reading to find see why us?

Why The Donation Hub?

When there are clothing banks and charity shops you may think why us? 

  • We are open 7 days a week. With friendly staff ready to greet you!
  • Parking is always available directly next to our drop-off points. 
  • We are never full, we are open to your donations. Just make sure they are on our accept list.
  • We are collecting donations to proudly support Action for Children Charity, they do not have the means of raising funds through charity shops or donations. 

A Little Spring Cleaning Tip!

Start with one room at a time! Go to each room with an empty bag or box and fill it up with items you have not used in the last year and you know you won’t use again. Once that bag is full bring it to The Donation Hub! Then you can start on the next room. We accept a whole range of items, clothes, shoes, books, linen, DVDs, pots, pans and so much more!