The Donation Hub

The Donation Hub - Charity Donation Drop-off point

Do you find your closet overflowing with clothes you no longer wear or your cupboards cluttered with unused items? 

Are you looking for a way to declutter your space while making a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children? 

The Donation Hub is here to assist you donating your unwanted items whilst raising money on behalf for the charity Action for Children. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can declutter your home, and contribute to a noble cause. Let’s dive in and discover how you can make a difference through The Donation Hub.

What is The Donation Hub?

The Donation Hub is a convenient and sustainable way to give your unwanted clothing items and household bric-a-brac whist supporting Action for Children. This simple concept allows you to exchange your pre-loved goods, as a result you will be supporting a charitable cause. We accept items such as clothes, shoes, bags, bric a brac, kitchenwear 

Declutter and Organise:

The first step in participating is to declutter your wardrobe and living spaces. Take a close look at your clothes and set aside items you no longer wear, those that no longer fit, or those that are out of style.

The Donation Hub Charity hub / shop LaunchSorting and Packaging:

Pack your unwanted items into bags or boxes and visit one of our collection points. Feel free to use reusable shopping bags, as they will be returned to you. Any plastic bags and boxes that cannot be reused are recycled, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.


Our collection points are open seven days a week, making it convenient for you to donate your items. When you visit our donation hub our friendly staff will welcome your donations. 

Raising Money for Action for Children:

Your contribution plays a vital role in making a positive impact on their lives. Action for Children will receive a minimum payment of £500 each month based on the collective weight of donations, with additional compensation of £100 per tonne for any weight exceeding 5 tonnes.

Benefits of The Donation Hub:

The Donation Hub offers a multitude of advantages. It allows you to declutter your living spaces, and make a meaningful contribution to Action for Childrens mission. The Donation Hub offers a win-win for clearing clutter and helping vulnerable children and families. Start decluttering today.